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The Tri-County Help Center, Inc began as a "Task Force for Battered Women" in 1979. The seed money for the new Task Force came from a provision in the newly passed Ohio legislation on Domestic Violence which allowed for a percentage of the Marriage License fee to be given to local domestic violence shelters. This funding continues today, with TCHC collecting fees from Belmont, Harrison and Monroe Counties. Later monies were secured to purchase a shelter home, "Pegs House".

In the early 1980's the Task Force became incorporated as the Womens Tri-County Help center Inc. and in June of 2003, responded to the expanded growth of the agency, the Board of Trustees voted to chnage the name to Tri-Couty Help Center, Inc. with a strong commitment to support womens issues.

Tri-County Help Center, Inc is strongly committed to providing quality services to Belmont, Harrison and Monroe County residents. Our Mental Health Recovery Program believes in a client directed recovery process and recognizes the need or hope, meaningful activities, spirituality, cultural understanding, education and socialization. Peg's House continues to give free emergency shelter for victims of violence.

In November of 2010, Tri-County Help Center, Inc was officially accredited by CARF International in both our Mental Health and Community Housing programs. This accreditation affirms our credibility as a service organization, the integrity with which we provide services and the achievement of our goals for quality, consumer-focused, empowering services that improve the lives of those we serve.